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Date: Saturday, 11/26/11

At the end of each year I write a few goals for the following year. I pulled out my notebook this morning so I could begin this process. To prepare I reread what I have written for the last several  years and reflected on how close I have come towards accomplishing my targets. It was then that I picked up my pen and wrote something which felt both profound and startling accurate. I wrote, “Find a reason to live.”

I hope this doesn’t sound overly dramatic or alarming. I don’t mean to shock or disquiet you. I share my writing because I know that you will accept it in the spirit in which it is given and that you may understand  and perhaps empathize. However, where I go from here, I’m not exactly sure. How does one find a reason to live?  At least my writing has given me a better understanding of my apparent “problem.”

More to be revealed. What are your reasons for getting up every day?


My response: Saturday, 11/26/11

When I first read your entry I was a little surprised. “Find a reason to live” packs a powerful punch since it is a…requirement, I guess, might be the word…for all people to find some form of contentment or satisfaction or happiness. It lies at the core of every human being, whether we’re aware of it or not, to pursue what fulfills us. Conversely it implies that to not find a reason to live, leads to death. If you were a nut job or a depressive I might be alarmed, but I see you as a stable person with a strong mind so I know this is something contemplative and spirit-building.

But you are not alone with this notion. Within the last month I was brainstorming for concepts and themes to explore for imagery. Here are two ideas I wrote down that relate in some way to your 2012 goal: “Holding on to the belief that better things will come,” and “Realizing my best days are behind me.” I feel these relate since they are a response to a current condition.

I think as you and I come to terms with our respective projects (my exploration of these themes through artwork and your quest for reasons in 2012), that the journey itself, the act of our effort to find those answers might be a fulfilling one and, if we’re lucky, lead to more questions so that we can continue our search, hopefully on our own terms. However, I question whether finding the answers is enough. It might only be the first half. I think what we DO with our answers might be what tips the scales towards contentment. I think it will be our attempts to SHARE what we’ve learned, through whatever medium we choose (artwork, writing, spoken word, etc) that will make the true difference.

What are my reasons for getting up everyday?

“Holding on to a belief that better things will come.”


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