It was early in the day and I was standing outside of my house. It was my family’s house actually, but it wasn’t a house that I recognized. This one was much bigger than any house in which I’d ever lived. I was a young version of myself…twenty-ish.

I was standing outside the house perturbed at the fact that all the showers were currently being used and I needed to shower as well―and quickly―as I was going to be late for work.

It’s at this point when a car pulls up next to me in our driveway. I remember it was red and a small type of car, like a Honda Civic from the 1990s. There was a young girl driving and a young man in the passenger’s seat, both mere teenagers. She leans over the young man in order to talk to me through the passenger window. “You wanna see something?” she says.

In my dream, I’m pretty sure she asked if I wanted to see something specific, but at this point I just can’t remember what that thing was. Well, whatever it was, I was intrigued enough to hop in the back seat and we were off.

She drove us to a very large warehouse. We were standing among a handful of workers who were moving boxes and miscellaneous items which were nondescript in my dream. A man was standing near us. He seemed like he might be a supervisor of some sort as he wasn’t doing any lifting and moving as were the other men. He was watching them and watching us. He moved closer to us and then behind me. As I was turning to face him he grabbed my arms and pulled them behind me. I remember struggling but his grip was too strong for me to break.

It’s at this point where the dream takes an unexplained fast-forward in the action.

The next thing I remember is standing alone in the warehouse―evidently released by my captor―amongst of bunch of futuristic machinery. One particular machine held special interest for me. I can only describe this thing as being a cross between a Transformer robot and a Segway built for off-roading. In my dream, I remember it to be of a quite elaborate design, about 15 feet tall, and having two very rugged and thickly treaded tires like the kind you would see on a tractor or other earth-moving machine.

I climbed into this machine―apparently knowing how to operate it―and took off! Driving this machine was so much fun! Because it was created for rugged terrain, I remember rolling over sidewalks and cars at speeds that would bounce the machine into the air. There was no enclosed cockpit to operate it. At the top was a small platform, similar to a cherry picker lift, with a dashboard control console. As I moved a lever to its maximum setting, the machine leaned into its directed course and powerfully shot forward. I remember the exhilaration of feeling the wind on my face as I bounced high in the air, racing down roadways!

It’s at this point of the dream when I realize I’m being chased. I guess that’s a pretty typical dream component. I wasn’t being chased by law enforcement; it was three or four security agents from the warehouse, each driving the same machine. Their machines began lobbing small explosives at me. How handy! I looked down at my dashboard and found the control to lob explosives back at them. At no point during the chase did I feel any danger. Zigging and zagging, dodging and hopping, the whole chase scene was pure fun, much like―no, exactly like―a video game.

After many miles and much destruction, I was captured by the security guards. Exactly how that happened, I cannot remember. Still, I felt no danger and that no harm would come to me. And it’s this out-of-left-field ending that explains it. My subconscious knew it, and then revealed it to me.

At the point of finally being stopped, my captors didn’t subdue me. They were laughing while helping me to my feet. With smiles, they patted me on the back. They gave me handshakes and accolades with “Good job!” The next thing I remember was being perched with the guards and my happy family on top of my Transformer Segway. I was the guest of honor as a parade streamed by with all the festive appeal of Mardi Gras! A big screen replayed the chase scene from above for all to see. I was the unknowing main character of a publicity stunt, created by a movie studio to promote their new sci-fi blockbuster.

How’s that for a vivid dream?