Tonight was amazing.

You know those old friends who are genuine old friends? The ones who are easy to talk to even after a million years have passed…stuff like that? Those sorts of friends don’t come around all that often. Those are the kinds of friends that you can count on one hand and still have a few fingers left over.

I ran into one of those friends tonight. April doesn’t even live here anymore. It was pure coincidence that we ran into each other. She lives in northern Nevada now and has for three years or more. I haven’t seen her in much more than three years.

Coincidence. Not coincidence. It doesn’t matter. There is one truth: she is so very dear to me.

Up until tonight my blog was anonymous. Completely. Not even family.

But this one. She knows now. And I’m ok with it. She is wonderful.

I love her very much. And I’m glad she knows.