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writers-blockI admire you folks with the focus to write consistently. Some of you write daily, others weekly, but the point is: you stick with it. I looked back at my last entry. It’s been nine months.

I’m back and trying to rally with a commitment to write every two weeks. Twice a month is a realistic goal for me, I think. I just need to cut way back on the Netflix. It also doesn’t help that I’m as focused as a crow…instantly abandoning whatever I’m doing to run off and investigate the next shiny object.

But what might help is the onset of winter. The decision to stay home is much easier for me when it’s cold outside. I don’t much care for winter. Here in Vegas, where we measure the temperature in Fahrenheit, the summer can hover around 110 degrees for weeks on end. Conversely, our winters are very mild compared to many other parts of our nation. We might get below freezing a few times in a whole season. For someone who’s used to the summer heat, our winters are as cold as I care to experience them.

With the holidays approaching quickly and New Year’s Eve right behind, I think it’s safe to assume that many hundreds of blog posts will be themed around 2015 resolutions. I’ve already promised myself that I won’t take up that as subject matter this year. I recently revisited my 2014 goals, ya know, to feel bad about myself. I had listed five goals. All were very reasonable goals. I checked off two, with a third that was 90% complete but then scuttled because of unforeseen circumstances. I feel I did all that I could to salvage goal #3 so I’m choosing not to beat myself up over that one. I will, as I do every year, refer to my resolutions as goals, so I don’t have to admit making New Year’s Resolutions if I happen to be in a conversation where the cool kids scoff at resolution makers. It’s a defense mechanism.

I do, however, look forward to reading many of your 2015 resolution posts, should any of you decide to share them.