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He told me about three weeks before Christmas. I was kind of caught off guard a little. He’s 51. When he told me, I asked the usual questions: What?! Where is it? How bad is it? How did you find out? Is there any pain? Who have you told? What do we do next? I came up with more questions in response to some of the things he was telling me. Many of the questions he didn’t know the answer to as he was still waiting for blood results and therefore hadn’t yet scheduled a consultation with a surgeon. Much to my surprise, my initial reaction was one of anger. One would think it would be sympathy. But I was angry. “This is one of the finest human beings I’ve even had the pleasure of knowing! The world is better because he’s in it. This is so unfair! Who’s fucking bad decision-making led to this?” But once I calmed down, I came to my senses and settled on something I already knew: Life’s not unfair…it’s just indifferent.

Fast-forward a couple of months.

Mikey had his surgery just over a week ago. They removed a portion of his small intestine. All went as planned. I was very relieved. During the procedure, the surgeon took some samples to biopsy. We’re waiting to hear those results. In the meantime, I’ve prayed multiple times for his complete recovery.