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ProjectorI love movies. There are some I could watch over and over. The way they make me feel is hard to describe. But sometimes, during certain moments, they have an ability to bring me to a point where everything just feels right. Movies are able to awaken old feelings, old memories. Some are able to pinpoint an emotion or an event or a moment that is so relatable or reminiscent, and it allows me to relive it in my heart and mind. Sometimes while I’m watching, I become self-aware that I’m caught up in the moment and I think: I LOVE this feeling I’m having right now…this sublime moment…and wish I could live my life in it forever. I wish I could somehow bring that moment into my real life and genuinely live it that way, feel it, revel in it… to keep that feeling around. Perhaps maybe learn a way, at the very least, to recall it at will. That short segment of make-believe feels so good. And I just want the movie to continue indefinitely, despite knowing the end is coming…but, please, not right now. Just let me have a little bit more. *sigh* But in order for the it to be fulfilling, the story must progress to its denouement. As must we all.

“I hope they call me Henry when I die.”  — James Brennan (Adventureland – 2009)